Progress bar not working

Hello. I have a problem with progress bar. I used this tutorial Unreal Engine C++ Tutorial - HUD interfaces - YouTube and when I create FirstPerson Project c++ code and progress bar is working. But when I create Puzzle Project or Blank Project c++ progress bar not working. I create level blueprint in blank project.

and I see

I read that this problem occurs because my Character not created. I created him, added camera and changed level blueprint.

because my Character camera not working if I leave this connect.
Character Blueprint:


and see that my progress bar still not working,

My Camera should be static. I have 2 cameras (CineCameraActor and MyCharacter with camera).


And I cant to found info about my problem. Where I miss something or do wrong?

can i see your progress bar blueprint if you have one so i can try and help?

i don’t know if you tried this it may not work it just came to the tip of my mind so i am speaking aloud my thoughts: have you tried some how casting it to the third person or first or topdown or what ever then getting the player controller. tell me if this helps at all. i could help more if i had the project or could see all the blueprints and more.
hope this helps if it does’nt i will try and think of a way to help you!

yes, sure

whole logic of progress bar written in C++
problem precisely not in C++code, because I’ve debugged C++ code and it works correctly

wait to you fixed it? or what?

i dont know but mabye if you did it looks like you turned the cast(cast to MainCharacter)(mabye turn it make to a normal cast) to one of those pure things that may be the problem

no i can’t fixed it. I dont understand where blueprint can’t be calling, because c++ code works correctly

ok i will try out your project and try and fix it for you
, is that fine with you?

try it, because I don’t understand how to fix it

ok can you give me a download link?

ok i am trying it out now

it wont let me use it