Programming VR Projects with C++

Hi, good morning!

I would like to know if is it possible to program VR Projects using the C++ Programming Language. Actually, I have created a VR Project based on the Blueprint template project cause I had no C++ option in the project settings

Yes, it is.
Among the many resources/tutorials around, I would recommend this one: “Unreal VR Dev: Make VR Experiences with Unreal Engine in C++” (Unreal VR Dev: Make VR Experiences with Unreal Engine in C++ | Udemy) by Sam Pattuzzi. It’s a paying course, but there are many free tutorials and examples on the Web. I liked this one in particular, hence my suggestion.
After developing my personal VR C++ solution based on the many tutorials, for the sake of understanding, I chose to use Mordentral’s VR Expansion plugin (i.e., I develop a C++ class that inherits from VRE’s VRCharacter, and I either develop my custom functions in C++, or in blueprints (my BP are based on this custom class, hence are also supported by VRE, very useful to have a hybrid rapid/production approach).

Hi @Lawree22, thank you so much for your comment!.

Right now, I’m programming my VR Projects with C++ in Unrela Engine.

How can i create a vr project with c++?