Programmatically Trigger Input Action Pressed/Released In Blueprint

Is there a way to programmatically trigger an input action in either pressed or released state through blueprints?

Even if it is in C++ that would be great too!

You’re trying to fake the effect of the player pressing a button? Like for a horror game or something?

I am in a sense trying to fake that effect as you say, but I want it to also work in the case where the Action is only bound to the None key. I want multiple different Actions bound to the None key, however I want to only trigger one action bound to the None key given an Action Name.

Why would you want multiple actions bound to the “None” key?
Are you trying to implement a context sensitive control system where one key can do multiple things depending on the situation? Because that’s not the same as what you have already asked.

If you want to just be able to call some code via either a button press or some other means, like a trigger in the level for example, then just connect two separate events to the same code network like this:

I wish I could say what my ultimate goal is, but as part of that ultimate goal I came to the conclusion that whichever keys the action is bound to, I just want to trigger that one action only. It seems that multiple actions could be bound to the same key and I am worried about triggering those other actions.

If I understand the “context sensitive” part correctly, then ya as you say it is not the same as what I want to do. I don’t think it has to be context sensitive.

The solution you are referring to would definitely work, but I am worried about doing that for each action mapping I have. I am also worried about repeating it for each project. I was hoping for something that I could write as some type of components that can easily transfer between projects, and that would just operate on each Action Binding without knowing anything else about the project.

Like, I found this which is pretty close, but it operates on keys rather than on actions.