Profiling ViewExtensionPreRenderView

Developing a VR project in 4.23 using SteamVR that is unfortunately stuck at 30-45 FPS. Even when removing what would be the large cost elements; landscape, animated actors, or foliage the FPS does not increase. Using Insights has found that ViewExtensionPreRenderView is the major contributor to the poor framerate. Drawcalls and occlusion culling numbers are not obscene. Does anyone have specific optimizations or elements to focus on for reducing ViewExtensionPreRenderView, or more insight on what exactly it’s doing that would cause it to be this long?

Did you find anything regarding this? I am running into the same issue.

Not really. We took some extreme measures to get our FPS to return to normal, replacing landscape with static meshes, removing large amounts of foliage, reducing particle counts. Eventually we were able to get to acceptable FPS after performing those, and using new Performance enhancing settings available in the Vive Beta program.

Thanks for sharing this. I’m having the same issue and I can’t find a solution neither. I wonder if this is related to Steam VR?

I believe I had tried that. Eventually our project used Vive Cosmos and we were able to get better results from their beta enhancements at the time.

Ahh okay. I’m on a Rift so I’m not sure where I could start with this :frowning: