Profiling: Draw time, in particular, is extremely bad on weaker PCs

I’ve been working on a very small game with odd performance issues.

-There are only a dozen or so pieces of geometry in any scene at any time.
-There are only ever three or four movable lights in any scene at any time.
-There is one higher res image (2281x3190) in the scene.
-No post processing effects
-No fog or complex environmental effects

A high end computer (Ryzen 7 2700X and a GTX1080)
-Runs the game at 215fps
-Game: 1ms
-Draw: 2ms
-GPU: 5ms

A mid range computer(FX 8350 and a GTX1030)
-Runs the game at 39fps
-Game: 2ms
-Draw: 25ms (WOAH, Wut)
-GPU: 25ms

An Old Laptop (i5 4200U and an Intel HD 4400)
-Runs the game at 10fps
-Game: 5ms
-Draw: 93ms (WOAH HOLD UP, Why?)
-GPU: 91ms

Now, I don’t have exact numbers, but even the performance on mobile (Android LG G6) is even better
-About 50-60fps

Even an empty scene has weird performance:
high end computer:
-Runs the game at 415fps
-Game: ~0ms
-Draw: 1ms
-GPU: 2.4ms

mid range computer:
-Runs the game at 81fps
-Game: 1ms
-Draw: 12ms
-GPU: 12ms

old Laptop computer:
-Runs the game at 23fps
-Game: 5ms
-Draw: 42ms (How, there’s nothing there!)
-GPU: 38ms

And old computer performs worse than a newer computer.

Well, between a GTX1080 and a GTX1030 it goes from 215fps to 39fps. So yeah, very shocking.