Profiler , Perfomance issue

Hi, seems to me that your problem is rather the GameThread, so better look into what logic you execute there…

Hello , run into an issue perfomance related any type off help would appreciated
I guess my question is how can I get rid of the “event name” FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable?
And , how can I identify Thread “16” in the code?

Thanks everybody

Will investigate that, what is FAndroidDeviceDetection about? My game in not for android

No idea, unreal runs a ton of threads there. You can open it up and if there is something like wait for event or stall, then it means its just waiting, and you’re not bound by that.

Generally speaking you will be bound either by GameThread (logic you execute), DrawThread or RenderThread (GPU).

Since your GameThread is taking up about 88ms you’re most likely bound by that (unless your rendering or draw thread takes up more that 88ms… → check stat unit but keep in mind that in stat unit the GPU time will always be >= game and draw time), you should fix that, since if you target 60 frames per sec, you need to get it below 16.6ms

Performance will be different if you play in editor or in standalone/packaged. If you play in editor then the whole editor will still run and use up performance, therefore if you profile performance, better use standalone otherwise you will get (severely) wrong results due to the editor and all the windows you have open there using up performance.

There may also be a bit difference between standalone and packaged and between different package configurations, but 40fps to 80fps sounds a bit large for standalone vs packaged…

Well FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable doesn’t take up any performance, its just waiting for work. No idea why you have those periods where your game thread is idle, maybe it loads something from your hard drive, but no idea…

Thanks for the help, gotta a direction on where to look at, really appreciate that

Thank you for the tips

I did some testing , package the project to check how many fps , was getting 80 fps but when running in engine I am getting 30 to 40 , for me is weird , I gonna check GameThread logic to optmize perfomance

I tested in standalone and the results are the same to packaged in fps
This are the results when in standalone , , really need to learn more abou this before doing anything else