Product-level M4A1 Weapon Mesh pack are coming to marketplace!


[SIZE=1]2015-05-03 Note: Blueprints Files and 3dMax Source files have been updated. And they can now be downloaded from Microsoft OneDrive.[/SIZE]
2015-05-08 *Note: Pack files on Marketplace have been updated. Please make update to fit the new Blueprints files.
2015-10-09 Content and blueprint Files now are compatible with UE4.9!
Hello everyone!
WeaponPro M4A1 Pack is released on UE4 Marketplace.

By purchasing the pack, you will get:

1.One product-level UE4-ready M4A1 carbin mesh with 18343 triangle faces.
2.Over 50 materials/material instances and over 15 2048*2048 resolution textures.
3.Four paiting style which can be customized by simply adjusting a few parameters.
4.One rigged mesh source file of 3dmax format.
5.One demo pack for weapon effects preview, including
1 first-person arm mesh,
1 clip mesh,
1 bulletshell mesh,
15 animation sequence/animation montage,
6 bluprints/animation blueprints.
1 matinee actor.

How to preview weapon effects in UE4?

1、Make sure you have ShooterGame 4.6 version or ShooterGame 4.9. If no, you can download it as below.


2、Download Blueprints files from here: Blueprints files for WeaponproM4A1 (Baidu Drive)
[SIZE=3]or Blueprints files for WeaponproM4A1 (Microsoft OneDrive)
[/SIZE]Updated on 2015-05-03

and copy them into “WeaponProM4A1” folder in the “content” folder of WeaponproM4A1 pack that you bought. (You can find WeaponproM4A1 pack files in Epic Games Launcher directory like “D:\UE4Platform\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache”)

3、Then copy “WeaponProM4A1” folder (which has “Bluprints” folder within) to the “content” folder of ShooterGame 4.6 project. The final directory in content browser should look like this:


4、Set gamemode override to “BP_DemoGame” in Wolrd Settings of any map.


Run and enjoy!

Besides, .max file of the weapon mesh can be downloaded from here: M4A1 .max File (Baidu Drive) or M4A1 .max File (Microsoft OneDrive)
*Updated on 2015-05-03
*And also .FBX file: M4A1 .fbx file(Baidu Drive) or M4A1 .fbx file (Microsoft OneDrive)

If you like our work or have any question, please reply this thread. :slight_smile:






Very good , have a idea of the price ?
I don’t see your pack in trello

Thank you for your quick reply!
We are currently in the initial acceptance schedule. Hope it would get approved by Epic and community soon.:slight_smile:

A couple of questions…

Will the fp-arms include a no weapon animation/pose?
Can the scope be removed and iron sights be used instead?


Will you be producing other weapons in the future or are you planning on making this available in a pack with other weapons?

Fp-arms incluede animations without weapon because unlike in UE3, 1p weapon mesh is now attached to the weapon socket in the arm mesh.
However, each weapon perhaps needs specific animations because of different shape.
Besides, what we are annoucing is a weapon mesh pack, while animations in this pack are only for weapon effects preview.
Currently the pack do not incluede scope-switch mechanic but we do have a plan to set up such mechanic in our future full-project version, including a series of military weapons.

And with the 3dmax source file, you can customize the weapon as you like!

This pack is our first try on marketplace.
We will release more weapons and vehicles if you like our works! :slight_smile:

Thanks, the 3ds max source file (.3ds) wouldn’t be of any use to me, however If you could also supply the .fbx or .obj it would be useful

Ok, we will also provide .fbx file.
Thank you for your suggestion!

I really like what I see for far.

BTW, someone mentioned that .3ds format wasn’t of much use to them. I tend to agree with this. One problem from my UDK days was that people would post assets in the .MAX format. Well, that was great IF you used 3DStudioMax since it’s a proprietary format that can only be used by 3DStudioMax. If you used say Blender or Zbrush, you where out of luck because they can’t use the .MAX format. So I think that the .OBJ and .FBX would be good to include since they are pretty standard formats that seem to be supported by everyone. It’s still a mystery to me why Zbrush doesn’t support .FBX yet.

Thank you very much!
We will provide .fbx and .max format as well.

The great weapon pack ever seen!

Did you make the arms yourself?

They quite look like something taken out of Battlefield 3 / CSS

I like the look of this, but it isn’t on trello to vote for.

We made it ourself, sure :slight_smile:

It’s still under review but will be added to trello soon if approved.

Please make sure you provide the .OBJ format. Like I mentioned in my post, the .MAX format can ONLY be used by 3DStudioMax or Maya users. The .FBX and .OBJ formats are probably the most common ones and I would make sure that these formats are included in an asset pack at a minimum.

OK we will also provide the .obj format.

1 question do people really use 18000tris models? cuz idk all evryone who asked me to make some gun told me to make 1000tris not 18000?

anywey for me its easyer to make high poly gun then low poly

Voted for it. I hope you do well with it and post more models in time. Good luck.