Processing, CUDA, etc - Help!

I would like to know how type of processor: the newest i7 or Xeon 15 cores run a complete game (programmed and maped - complete map) of new Zelda Breath of the Wild game. What the form processing of Unreal Engine used, if Nvidia Cuda is used, etc. I do not know where is the right place to post, if not, I apologize.

Check this: Xeon processors are divided in three different purposes:

Xeon E3: Designed for video process → more spect_int features
Xeon E5: Designed for cloud process → more _virt features
Xeon E7: Designed for working with MainFrames → more _float features

Every processor is specified by a certain quantity of spec_int, _virt and _float operations… Then you have to check the triple P: Price, Performance and Power.

Intel Xeon E3 is more powerful than the newest core i7, but what it really matters is to have a good video card (just check that it is a Intel Xeon E3 XXXX V5 or V6, where Vx means the genereation of the processor, V3 and V4 is now old)

Nvidia GeForce 1060 has around 1100 cuda cores, that are an extra video processing that actually needs the game. But you will go very well with a card like this. So if you get this card you could get a core i5 without problem to play Zelda.

In summary, if you get a NVIDIA GeForce card with GTX 1060 or higher, you can get core i7 (Xeon is more expensive and powerful, in fact, there will be a lot of power a Xeon E3). So select the i7 series with a NVIDIA GTX 980 or if you can pay it, a NVIDIA GTX 1060. You will have too much gaming and design for the following three years so good.

Hey Tulk!! Did you find the info useful?