Process of Door Animation (brought from maya) in UE4 using blueprint without jerk?

Is there any tutorial anywhere to start a door opening animation by pressing E Key in game? Door opening and closing animation were taken from Maya. I don’t want to use sequence. I was able to open and close door by using component overlap nodes. But, animations are jerking if I try to close the door fast, while it’s opening. How to setup the delay? Also is there any way to close the door in the middle of opening process without sequencer or matinee? Please help me out.
Thank you

I’m also attaching my blueprint screenshot here, so that you guys can help me with the process.

Hi, I would recommend you use a static mesh as door and a timeline to open/close it. Then you could just reverse the process at any point.

Cause if your door is half open but the closing animation starts from full open then you would have to somehow get the current animation time by how far the door is open, and then play the animation from there (in an animation montage you can specify the start time). And then you would have to use an animation blueprint. But that seems a little bit like an overkill for a simple door, so a timeline would be easier (but maybe there is another way doing this with animations that I’m not aware of)

Thank you so much ! This is the method which seems good till now. :slight_smile: