ProceduralMeshComponent no pivotpoint/origin?

A ProceduralMeshComponent has no pivotpoint/origin? to make itself rotate around a point?

My ProceduralMeshComponents took the (0,0,0) as location even though they are placed totally different in the world.
Also when I try to attach them to an actor parent, to then rotate the parent, I can’t get the ProceduralMeshComponents location in any way… GetWorldLocation returns (0,0,0), the actor location returns (0,0,0), Setting the relative location of the ProceduralMeshComponent to (0,0,0) has no effect.

So how can I rotate my ProceduralMeshComponent around a given point? (blueprint or c++), I don’t have the actual thing to give it a pivot in the viewport.

It has been a while but I found how to set an origin. I created an actor, made my “myproceduralmesh” child of an actor. Then added a “Movement Component” to that actor. Apperently the “Movement Component” has a pivot point. That let me to my final solution of rotating the mesh.