Procedurally placed, cut-able trees

Hey all, I wrote out a tutorial for procedurally placed, cut-able trees in UE4, based on my work on Woodbound. Maybe someone here will find it useful.


I’m sorry for not reading through the whole blog post, but are these spawned during run-time, if not, how is the performance?

These can be spawned in editor (for debugging/testing, editor-spawned instances won’t carry over to packaged projects) or at runtime, performance is good, the instances take the same performance as if you’d have painted with the foliage brush. Spawn time performance will vary on your machine, on my laptop it took about 12 seconds to spawn 50k instances, and that seems to be the sweet spot between performance & speed (which is what the tutorial recommends.)

Alternatively spawning in-editor it takes less time, but your framerate will hitch for a second or two while the loop executes.

NIcely written tutorial, thanks :slight_smile: Iam going to have a look on it - I don’t think I can use it for my project but it seems to be definitely worth knowing :smiley: