Procedural UVs for 360 video

Hello UE hive-mind.

I am trying to playback 360 video onto geometry in editor. It was simple enough to get it to play back onto a sphere where the UVs are unwrapped in the standard panoramic way (like a skysphere). However, I want to be able to project 360 video onto any geometry that has the video material on it, without having to unwrap it manually. What I am hoping to do for example, is to project the video onto a distant skysphere and model out the shape of the peninsula/mountain and project it onto that as well. Then, I could theoretically have other objects in the scene appear travel around the mountain and disappear behind it. I’ve had some promising results messing around with plugging a reflection vector into the UVs of the media texture sample in the material but it’s not quite right and figuring it out proves way above my pay grade. Any thoughts?

Bonus question: Has anyone been able to do media textures in materials with the default RHI set to DX12? My editor crashes on saving materials with DX12.