Procedural Spawning From Mask

Hi there.

I am interested in creating a new spawning procedure based on a single mask input. Basically, I would like to replicate the functionality of Unreal’s foliage placement tool (driven by splat mask input) and port that to BP. I’ve seen many implementations of this, but strangely I haven’t come across a good one in blueprint.

Simply put, I would like to have a square black and white noise texture in a BP and spawn locations for various actors based on white values. I am not sure the most efficient way to do this - reading the values per pixel of an image in BP. One idea was to have a square plane in my BP and then perform a series of raycasts in a grid formation onto that texture to then read the color value of the hit. From there I could read the intensity, store the top values and locations in an array, then sample from there. However, it doesn’t look like I can access the color information in any meaningful way.

If anyone has ideas on this I am all ears.