Procedural Skeletal Mesh Support?

Hi, I recently started to play with procedural mesh feature and I was wondering if a skeletal mesh slicing system would be possible without modding the engine. I thought about a system where every bone is replaced with a static sliceable version but then I realised that I don’t think there’s a way to make at runtime a static mesh starting from a skeletal mesh bone like head or the legs so I’d need to do it manually making a static copy from every bone of any skeletal mesh I’d like to slice.Is there a way to make something like that using any feature of UE4? I also found this video:
The author says that he didn’t modded the engine and that what he did is doable with both BP and C++. I have a clear idea about what to do but I really need to know if what I said is possible or not. And if this is not possible I would like to know if someone has any vague idea.
Thanks in advance

Check out the following video as it does what you want but it only applies to static meshes.!

I already know how to slice static mesh I wanted to know if it was possible to create a system like the one in the video I linked. In other words how to fill a custom mesh with a skeletal mesh and making it sliceable?

Hi, now you can check this out on the Marketplace! :slight_smile: