Procedural Mesh Replication Not Working

I’m building a game that relies on procedural meshes for terrain. It works great when its all running on the client, but when I play using a dedicated server the terrain becomes invisible, and the physics for it get janked out. The player pawn keeps falling through it and then popping back up. When I play in multiplayer, the terrain only shows up on the host game. I have set the ProceduralMeshComponent to replicated, and I’ve tried calling the CreateMeshSelection on multicast. Is this a glitch? Is there a work around?

I think I found the answer to this question at last as I have the same problem
(My question is posted here)

I found the answer in a thread on the forums.

To summarise:

UProceduralMeshComponent does not have built in replication and, even if you force it, the mesh sections within that won’t replicate.

So that means the answer is:

To replicate a UProceduralMeshComponent, you will need to replicate the instructions used to generate this mesh component rather than the component itself.