Procedural Mesh Component Line Trace Not Working

I’m trying to do line trace testing on procedural mesh components, and the engine is crashing. This occurs even with the “LatheActor” example, so it isn’t an issue with my procedural code. In “CollisionConversions.cpp” in the SetHitResultFromShapeAndFaceIndex function, in the code below, the PxMat->userData is accessed without being checked if it is null first, which it is for a procedural mesh, and the program crashes. Will there be a workaround for this soon?

// This function returns the single material in all cases other than trimesh or heightfield
PxMaterial* PxMat = PShape->getMaterialFromInternalFaceIndex(FaceIndex);
if(PxMat != NULL)
	OutResult.PhysMaterial = FPhysxUserData::Get<UPhysicalMaterial>(PxMat->userData);