Procedural mesh blur borders

Hi i have a problem with my procedural mesh, i am using it with a post process material that convert it to light area instead of solid mesh, but i realized that is to sharp, is there any way to make it blur on borders instead os this sharp border?

EDIT: now i realized that what i really need is a way to make a mask like the example how i can convert from the original map to a garient or blured mask? like the example?

  1. Which mesh are you asking about, the circular one or the cube?

  2. What do you mean “using it with a post process material that convert it to light area instead of solid mesh”?

if you see the the circular area you can see it has no color, it just and procedural mesh (auto generated on the fly) thats has custom depth and not rendering then my post process material material.png (456.6 kB) look at the attachments of the post, what it do is any custom depth get converted to light area, all the rest get dark except what the custom mesh touch like the cube becomes iluminated, the cube is not the problem my problem its the custom mesh (pacman shape arround the player) thats is to sharp on the edges instead os having soft borders like any light

OK, if I understand correctly, you have an actor with a procedurally generated mesh with:

  • Rendering set to Visible
  • Render in Main Pass is disabled
  • Render CustomDepth pass is enabled
  • Cast Shadow is disabled.


of course render in main pass is dissabled and custom depth enabled, and correct thats the circular shape around the manequin, is not a separated actor its part of the character when it moves the shape moves to, and redesign itself to te scenario, my problem is that shape must act like a light coming out from the manequin, its working but it does not look like a light because to sharp transition from light area to dark area, i know theres some ways to blur from dark to light but i really dont have a clue on where to find a solution for this, i experimented a little with spiral blur but theres no much explanation about how to implement inside a post process material, then i am lost looking for some information on how to aproach what i am looking for

now i updated the question because of experimentation i made

The solution was using spiral blur to every one else who wants to do it just investigate about spiral blur take a lot of time but can be made


Can you see your project?
Or can you see the spiral blur code?

I don’t know what to do with spiral blur

I saw this document, but I could not do anything.
I would like to see your awesome code.
It would be really annoying, but please help me.

Ugh. I’ve been trying to solve this mystery for a couple days now. Does anyone have any insight on how to implement the spiral blur node (texture vs scene texture versions?) with the custom depth node? I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, but holy moly. What a scavenger hunt…