Procedural Material Toolkit - Feedback, Troubleshooting and Request Thread

A set of highly customisable shaders for rapidly creating complex, physically accurate and multi-layered materials. Believably texture environment assets in Unreal Engine 4 without a second spent in Photoshop, or craft vast but minutely detailed landscape surfaces.

Price: $29.99 USD
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  • Environment aware layering for decay, rust or any other material transition with support for pre-baked normal, occlusion maps and precomputed or handpainted vertex color occlusion.
  • All layering built with heightmap based blending in mind, with per layer support for either stand alone height textures or height packaged in diffuse alpha channels.
  • Dedicated landscape material base with support for up to 7 unique layers.
  • Online documentation.
  • A bonus multi-sample fringe post-processing effect, as seen in video.
  • Seven basic texture sets with normal, diffuse and height maps.
  • Includes showcase environment seen in video.

Feel free to post any feedback, issues or requests you have here, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Why all the pictures and videos are black and white?

HausEstate: Just an aesthetic decision for the showcase map, naturally the Toolkit has no problem with other styles should you decide to use it that way.

Hi. I like the idea of what you’ve described. However if you could post more examples (in colour) pictures/videos just showcasing things a bit more, because it would be something I’d be keen to buy from your description.

SlinkyMuffins: You can find about fifty screenshots that use my toolkit (In various stages of development), here: Naturally, if you have specific questions I’d be more than happy to answer, and include screenshots to illustrate answers as well.

Almost every screenshot is using the black/white aesthetic or artistic aeshtetic. Can you post a couple of screenshots using a normal color range / without the post process effects?

It’s like the seller has something to hide. B&W and some post precessing so nobody can’t really see the real thing.

this is some epic stuff! thank you for the toolkit!

Any chance you can post some screenshots? :wink:

I’ve stared at this every day since it has been added to the marketplace. The video is beautiful, but honestly I need to see more. It doesn’t properly represent the function and smoothness of said function. People have made some requests for better color representation and I have to agree with that. While the video as is makes for a great art representation it kind of makes it harder to sell it in a way.

Why I am here? Because I saw it on the Marketplace and want to see more than s/w image material…

Yeah, it makes it not easier to sell this cool looking Toolkit to UE4 users. At the moment I can’t say if it is really something that is useful for my ideas.

We need more material and with a bit more colors.


I bought this content on the market but it’s not working properly and I’m looking for a way to get a refund.

I have contacted the creator via Skype showing him all the problems that his content has. Even following his documentation step by step, didn’t work. This was made the 22 of june. I let him work on it for a solution to fix the problems, but i don’t have any response from him since then.

If you know how to be reimbursed, I’m interested.

Thank you

send a email to and ask for a refund

Thx so much

Also is the seller’s e-mail.

To let everyone here know, I’ve been corresponding privately with Orihaus. I politely requested today that he return to this thread to answer questions and offer support for his content, and to improve his response time to his customers’ emails.

For those asking for less-monochrome screenshots, here’s a selection that might give you a better look at the Toolkit:

Also, I’ve got a site relaunch on it’s way with enhanced documentation, shouldn’t be more than a fortnight coming!

Still working on this! Sent a request to Epic to publish my latest version, updated to UE4.9 and with the ambient occlusion pipeline for static lighting now using 4.9’s excellent new feature allowing direct access of Lightmass’s own AO maps. Here are some screenshots of this in use:


4K Resolution:


4K Resolution:

Procedural Rust & Damage?

Yup! All material blending is procedural, with the only input being the AO texture generated by lightmass. The idea is that the Material is flexable, it treats each layer like any other, but if you specify in the instance for it to act a specific way (Peel off near edges, cluster in corners or pool on the floor) you can use it for anything from water damage to gilding.