Procedural maps on unreal engine


is there a way to texturize with Procedural maps in the unreal engine?

what about v-ray for unreal?
is there a way to texturize with procedural maps in the unreal as with rhino?


Your question makes no sense. Define texturize and procedural map.

texturing with procedural maps
diffuse: procedural checker
bump: procedural noise

The only real way to do that is either bake it out as a texture or make some relatively complex materials.

in case of sending from v-ray 5 from rhinoceros to v-ray to unreal:

if I import a scene, through the v-ray scene file, which has procedural maps in the materials, does it import procedural maps?
or do i have to bake?

Bake, I do not think ue4 supports importing any kind of shader. I do not know much about your kind of software, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

You can use coordinate, vector, noise, and vector noise expressions to create procedural textures.
You can also use procedural functions to do things like generating a normal map from a black and white height map.
According to the documentation:

Given the cost of all of those functions in a materials, you are probably better off manually messing with the UV of a small texture to generate a “random” effect.

There are billions of ways to do this.
from tiling the same texture rotated differently to having different sizes overlap.

And I do think that instruction count wise all those ways would end up being Less than a noise node.

At the same time the noise node does have settings, so it’s isn’t a guarantee.

Under vector noise, it says:

However, for Cellnoise and Perlin 3D noise, it says:

In most cases, though, you’re better off just using a texture. You really only need procedural textures whenever something will be changing in real-time, like snow or mud.