Procedural map for mobile battle royale game?

Hi everyone, I am working on a battle royale game targeted for mobile platforms and I want to make procedural maps ranging from 4km * 4km to 8km * 8km.

So I have the following questions:

Should I just build the procedural map on server and replicate it to all clients ? If yes then how should I do the replication stuff for whole map including terrains, splines, houses and other stuff.

Other idea is to just send a random seed to client based on which the end map generated will be same on all the clients as far as the seed is same. Now the problem with this is that the target platform is mobile. Will mobile devices be able to handle up the load to generate huge 16-64 km square maps? Our target mobile devices - 3gb ram and more.

It would be really helpful if a few people can answer both the questions or share their views.