Procedural ladders!

Hey. We’ve been working on a procedural ladder system because making/positioning ladders to fit a space can be annoying to do. Who’d like to see this on the marketplace?

It’d come with a few sets of assets w/ PBR materials and stuff, and it’d be easy to mix and match and use your own assets. Works the same at any scale.

You can also check out a bunch of vines of this on my blog.

For the avoidance of confusion: this is not a ladder climbing system, because we figure every game is pretty much going to want to handle that differently. This just makes the physical/visible ladder.

EDIT: This is on the Trello now. Go vote for it. Get psyched.

Hi JoeWintergreen. WOW very impressive. I can also see this used for Ramps, Cable Trays, and Door/Window Security Bars. Could probably add auto adjusting Box Component for collision detection (Ladder System Ready).

Looks amazing, definitely something I’d be interested in for future projects or even just for blueprint research!

That’s already in actually! :smiley:

Nice. Not sure how I’d value something like this. But I would definitely buy it if the price was right (its one of those little time savers that isn’t THAT important but would be nice to have).

Looks good :slight_smile:

Very nice and on my wish list.

Can each of the rungs be made a target for IK?

The only issue is perhaps calling it a ladder system. Seems rather limited in scope don’t you think? :wink:

Looks good!

It it would actually include some ladder climbing system (a few animations and the some basic bp code to climb up/down) it would be great.

Really, really good!
After watching the vid i really want it on the marketplace ^^

@FrankieV “procedural ladder system” fits perfectly imho. I mean in the video it’s all about making ladders :slight_smile:

REally nice, keep up the good work :wink:

Nice, if the price is right: I’ll snap this up no questions asked!

That’s rad! I love this!

I’m actually in need of this right now. Would definitely grip this.

I would personally be a fan if you had a choice that made the metal ladder into a rope ladder, as well, for more a medieval-touch for some games

Do you mean a rope ladder that actually flexes and acts like a rope ladder, or would you be happy with just a static ladder that had the appearance of rope? If the latter, that’s completely doable with this system - just swap out the strut and rung meshes for rope, maybe tell it to use rope-knots instead of bolts.

I’ve submitted this, although it’s not 100% ready yet, should be by the time it gets voted on (if it does).

Very nice indeed, I like it.

Great work there! The only issue I have with them is they don’t conform to AS (Australian Standards) :stuck_out_tongue:
Would it be possible to make your procedural ladder macro work with something like these -

Being a structural designer, I’m very picky about my steelwork :slight_smile:
If you want to give it a shot, let me know and I can send you the model sketchup files.

Stairs too if you want -

I was actually thinking about the cage thing. Are those a requirement in Aus for wall-mounted ladders over a certain height or something?

The spiral stair thing I probably won’t be doing for this blueprint, but might be an idea for a later one.

Yeah the guard hoops (or fully enclosed) ladder are used if a person can fall more then 6m, or if certain angles are applied, fire escapes etc lots of different codes in the AS 1657 (ladders and walkways).
Attached is the model for 3 different types of ladders with hoop cage (sketchup files).
Help yourself :slight_smile:

Rad, thanks!