Procedural generation tutorials?

I need to do a lot of procedural generation. For example, generate a 10x10 grid of tiles, and randomly destroy a bunch, but make sure there’s always a path to other side. I’m a programmer, I know how to code this, but I’m not sure how this works with unreal editor!

I put this in “Blueprint Scripting” section because it would be sick if blueprints could handle this, but I’m assuming this is C++ territory?

But where do I write logic to ensure there’s always a path to other side of grid?

I don’t know enough about blueprints to know what nodes could allow me to do this. Can you link me to any related documentation?

You can do it in blueprints.

Create a blueprint block and add static mesh component.
Create a grid blueprint and use a for loop and spawnActor() to create grid.
Use DestroyActor() to delete actor.

Keep a reference Vector of each blocks location and check if its valid when destroying. If you know how to to it in code then doing it in blueprint should be logical.

Hey farzher,

Here’s a link to our Blueprints documentation that can help with Blueprint questions:

You can also take a look at nodes in Palette tab in Blueprint Graph Editor (Window > Palette if it’s not already open). Under Library, you can investigate all available nodes and get a brief description from a tooltip by mousing over.

best way to get familiar with Blueprints, though, is by experimenting. Have fun!

Additionally, you can check out forums:

There’s a Community Content, Tools, and Tutorials area ( There aren’t many tutorials just yet, but there may be something there for you. forums are a great place to see what community is doing and how they’re handling specific game types.

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for… ask! Our community is pretty great, and I’m confident there are plenty of people willing to set up a tutorial for your type of project.

Hope that helps!

This is what you want


Yup, one of those is titled “Blueprints - Making Procedural Content” I don’t know how that didn’t come up in my google searches. Thanks!

Thanks for forums link. It would make more sense to post about this there instead of in a Q&A format.

when I follow that link it says "that playlist does not exist, could you sent link again please?


I want to make a blueprint that generates infinite procedural terrain(when I say infinite I mean I want it to generate as you get close to it and destroy itself behind you so as not to wast memory), I heard Perlin Noise is good for this but I have no idea how to even set positions of vertices in blueprint let alone change their position with a formula. does anyone know of any tutorials/ documentation that would be useful for this?

https://www…com/watch?v=6RqDo3012YA hope it helps

I’ve worked out how to do a tile based system now, also using curves to control probability of different mesh shapes being spawned, see a vid here: Infinite random landscape in Unreal Engine 4. - YouTube

This is a start however what I would really like to see in a game would be realtime 3D fractals! For this ill have to look into mesh generation in UE4, if anyone has any other ideas on how I could go about this let me know!