Procedural foliage volume deletion deletes instances

When deleting a Procedural Foliage Volume (PFV), instances it generated are deleted too… why? I want to use a PFV to generate instances and then refine things with painting. Then I want to get rid of the PFV that I used only for generation while still keeping instances. Is this possible?

Why do you need to remove the volume?

To have a cleaner level, when I am done with generation I do not need the volume anymore, I don’t need any blocking volume either. There should be a way to unlink the volume from its instances.

Why not just hide the volume with the outliner? Put it in some group and hide it.

Yes i will do that, I just prefered not having these things hanging around. I still believe there should be an option to disconnect them from instances. These are just tools to populate the terrain, they have nothing to do on it once they have been used.