Procedural Foliage Spawner + collision performance

posted this on answerhub almost 3 weeks ago. now that 4.8 is out in full state and we even got to see the Kite Demo, I thought it’s time to push this topic more

basically enabling collision on foliage kills the performance if used on an open-world scale (what it is meant for). so we’re left with a very nice feature that is turned almost useless as it cannot be used for gameplay
and I was surprised to see the Kite Demo has no collision for trees or even rocks

here’s the answerhub post:

so for anyone that might want to use this functionality, I’d ask to upvote my answerhub post (as it’s Epic’s measure of “community interest” into answerhub issues). I’m hoping if Epic sees enough community interest it will at least cause a response from them

guna hab to bump dis

Really odd, I don’t have any problems with collision enabled. Performance difference is non-existent even though I have half a million trees on my map.

not at all what I see, but well it’s something
perhaps there’s something different between our setups?

can you show me the settings you’ve used for collision on the assets of the procedural spawner?