Procedural foliage re-loads after I hit play

Hello. As I open my project, the procedural ground foliage starts to slowly pop up on the scene (in the viewport). When I hit play, there is no foliage on the ground from the getgo, but it starts to pop up again, and after some time, the scene looks as it should. This ground foliage is created procedurally as you paint different ground layers.

Also, as the foliage loads, I keep getting this message in the top left corner, saying “texture streaming pool over…”. I can temporarily fix this by typing “r.Streaming.PoolSize = 2048” into the console, but this works only for the current session. After I reopen the project, the message starts to pop again. Is there a way to fix this for good?

Before play

In-play (the foliage loads eventualy)