Procedural foliage. Exclude by mask

I’m trying to spawn foliage with the procedural foliage tool, but my problem is I’m working with a world machine terrain, I made my material with RGB mask, so as far as I know I don’t need to paint layers, layers exist in the material, in fact I dont need to create layer info. But I don’t have the possibillity to spawn foliage excluding with mask, layers etc…so trees f.e. grows in rock parts. Is there any tip to spawn with this tool only with mask, layers etc?? Because the only way I’m thinking is with the traditional way or with the grass tool, but still hasn’t random scale. Thanks in advance.

This is exactly the question I had - specifically how to use procedural foliage spawners in conjunction with auto landscape materials that don’t need landscape layers+LayerInfo. Did you you get any answers?