Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 3 Tropical Islands

The Set includes:

  • Automatic Landscape Materials for Tropical Islands
  • Palm trees
  • Special Water Blueprint and materials
  • 32 Unique 8192 16 RAW maps for Islands Landscapes
  • 1 Overview Map
  • 2 Ready to use Demo Levels

The download is 1.4 gb and this just as preview.

New demo 4.9 and Rift Support press k to change maps



and now some more plants

Now submitted for review:

It needs work - your tropical islands seem to be uniformly grey dirt / sand.

Expanding on what ambershee wrote - I think a material for the shore with some specular/wetness to it would be nice.

For my part I think the foliage/forest is a bit too uniform - the canopy seems to be at a consistent height, which is really noticeable. Put in some more scaling especially on the Z axis so you can get a less-uniform canopy and it will look nicer. I also think making a varying the leaf material’s shade of green will help a lot.

Hello n00854180t and ambershee,

You are both right from a far the sand looks rather uniform. However close up it is detailed and uniform is better than visible artifact. Think I can adders that by adding another macro distribution texture.

See image for closeup of the sand:


That is a good point, I am adding a setting that controls the specular/wetness on the shoreline. To make things more believable. The feature is already in the materiel and has been used before to make snow on mountains look specular.

The plants are just a test to see if the performance is OK the have not been placed in the map with any artistic considerations. So there is room for improvements.

I think I can get variations on the leaf Material in a procedural way by looking at the world position and adjusting some of the parameters.

I post the results when I have them.

Thanks for the input.

Hello n00854180t and ambershee,

This is the new first iteration with a specular/wetness on the shoreline:


The next step is to give the user with parameters more control over colouring and the look of the wet sand.

The wet sand is now fully adjustable by the parameters of the materiel instance


I added now the animated wet sand effete


Progress on rocks and water

Brilliant update man! :slight_smile:

Small suggestion for the wet sand, which looks quite awesome :smiley: I suggest making it go further up the shore a bit, as if the tides were lapping up and going back down. I’d also darken it slightly more so that it’s noticeably darker than the dry sand at a distance. I think that will improve things even more.

Nice work :slight_smile:

The palm tree trunk texture doesn’t look very appealing to me but other than that (and the things mentioned by n00854180t and ambershee) everything looks pretty darn decent to me! keep it up :slight_smile:

If you take requests, I would like a (preferably larger) map where it nicely transitions from the island shore to really really deep waters, so it can be used for underwater exploration for example.

Hello TK-Master

I did an update to the tree trunk and added more details to it see image. In regards to the map, I am putting two 20 km big maps together with about 5 to 12 different island on them. I think that I can include deep water sections. How deep should it go ?

Hello n00854180t

I did an update and adjusted the wet sand to be darker


Lookin good!

Oh nice, sounds good!

If it could go at least 1 km deep in some sections that would be awesome :wink:

Full rock set with textures across multiple objects and more plants


TK-Master: I think i can do that, I post an test image once i have the map

new tree type


Set 3 Tropical Islands preview build download

It is not about level design, its juts to show some of the things that are in the package.

This is all still work in progress so if you have suggestions let me know. I put some rock and plants as addition to the materiel system and maps in to this package

This is one out of 32 Island’s in the Set, Have fun exploring.

The download is 1.4 gb and this just as preview.


detailed underwater map parts are possible see image: