Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 2 desert edition

This is a prevue playabel demo where you can see what will be part of the “Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 2 desert edition” that I am now working on after I submitted the Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 1 Alpine edition. I created new generic base textures and adapted the Procedural system to work for deserts and canyons.

Demo Download Link:



Took around 55mnts to download, loved the blending and details. I am interested in your materials packs keep up the good work.

Spent 20 minutes exploring a desert :slight_smile:

I am making progress on Deserts and mars like landscapes

I am making progress on Deserts and mars like landscapes


now first pack on Public Voting Trello Board, if you like this vote for it :slight_smile:

very nice as well as the alpine pack… are ou considering making a bundle of the two ?

If the marketplace supports that yes at some point. However for now the desert edition is still work in progress i will submit it to the marketplace review next week.

new video



new image

This is now a rocky, gray, granite desert


Will this allow you to paint on custom textures for stuff such as paths, and roads?

Hello Shirk

Not out of the box, but see this Post for info’s about how to make the system work together with the layer paint systems. For paths, and roads I would recommend using spline meshes ( ) or ( )

Service update to the Desert set ported Rock static Mesh collection and multi colour layer feature see image:


sorry but, while this looks nice, to me this looks like ‘flows and sediments’ are more of the same slope-based texturing.
can you tell if it’s the case? and if not, care to elaborate a little?

Can you make your own deserts with the material? , i used world machine so if for instance i do a world machine terrain it will work rigt away? or i will need to do flow maps form world machine ect .
If ont what you will need to make your own terrains not using yours but your materials yes instead to work?


Looks amazing but the download link to the demo seems to be broken.

Any idea when we’ll see a grasslands pack?

This is also My Question, as all my maps are being produced in World Machine

Same ! I’d be more interested in a “Terrain Texture Pack” than a terrain (geo) pack, since most of us have specific features we need to have present, so something that would take into account slope, and elevation to vary materials, and do it intelligently would be a nice asset to use on the terrain I can get out of worldmachine.