Problems with VR hands

Hey everyone, I’m having some problems with with my VR pawn hands… For some reason it feels like the hands need to register a “drop” to an item. For instance when I pick some things up the drop them or release them the hands stay closed… or for example in one of my other threads I noticed a problem with me “popping” my balloons:

I was able to successfully get it to pop with a particular object, the problem being is that it won’t register it as a hit unless I “release” the object from my hands thus making me have to the “throw” the object in order to make it pop and when doing so the object I throw at it bounces off of the balloon and goes across the room lol So it works… but only when I release the object from my hand. If I did it the way I was doing it then it would simply pop on any actor overlap like the VR pawn hands. And this is actually a recurring problem overall with the VR framework. Certain things won’t register the hit without me releasing the object. Very weird

any help or advice would be greatly appricated.

Bumping this because this is an actual problem me and my developers are having.

Are you validating on collision that the object is the intended actor to make the balloon pop? This tutorial might help you, it did for me!