Problems with texture import

I encountered weird problem with texture import. I downloaded some cc0 material textures and tried to use it with material.

Result is too bright.

Screenshots are below.

  1. Texture itself after import. Before import it was 2048x2048 (2K) png file (color/diffuse) downloaded from here.

  1. Material made using this texture. Note how bright resulting material is, unlike texture. Only thing I did was:
  • create new material
  • drag&drop texture into material editor and link up RGB pin with Base Color pin
  • added these constants so it looks closer to intended end result (since for clarity I omitted other textures like normal, roughness etc)
    Nothing else was modified.

  1. Expected result (I have this texture from similar texture downloaded and imported long ago). If I use that texture with material above, result is correct. Problem seems to be with texture or rather importing of texture.

I played with sRGB option of texture and Sampler Type option of Texture Sample node in material editor, but they yeld either bright texture or various warnings/errors like “Sampler type is Linear Color, should be Color”. Note that all textures I import have this problem, this is just one example. I also reproduced problem in new, fresh project created from scratch.

What I can do to fix this very annoying problem out of nowhere? When I imported textures in past, long ago, everything worked correctly. I can’t help but think that some UE4 update screwed up something. Wouldn’t be first time.

Unreal Engine: 4.25.3

I think I discovered why this happens.

For some moronic reason UE screws up import of 16-bit (per channel) png files.

You need to convert them to 8-bit per channel (using appropriate conversion option, for example in GIMP it would be “Perceptual gamma (sRGB)”) first, then texture import works as it should. Just great, more work for me. Of course there are no options beside Auto Virtual Texturing Size in Texture Import settings, that would make life too easy I guess.