Problems with terrain material.

I recently just started using UE4, and i’m currently trying out the terrain tools. I’ve made a terrain, and a basic material to paint it. The material was working great for over an hour, then some squares of the terrain stopped compiling, and just had the default texture. I haven’t changed the material at all, and I have the same painted textures on adjacent squares, but one won’t compile and the other does. Can anyone give me any tips on my material?

Try this:

choose a high radius of your brush - now try to paint over it (try it from different sides/positions -> e.g from the bottom right,…) :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this thread: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/46706/painting-corrupt-quads.html

"Currently, if you have more than six textures in your landscape it will become corrupt. You can have many layer combinations of those six, however that is the limit of the landscape paint functionality as it currently stands. We are assessing this currently, however for now please make sure you use no more than six textures in a landscape material. "

It seems that my problem was having more than six textures. Thanks for the help!