Problems with shipping with GlobalEditorUtilityBase

Dear AnswerHub

By extending GlobalEditorUtilityBase with a custom Blutility class, I have managed to successfully create some in-editor functions that worked fine and is meant for only in editor use.

The problem begins when I tried shipping…

The extended class relies on GlobalEditorUtilityBase.h which is fine for Editor compilation. When however I switch to shipping or development game then it refuses to compile as it claims it is missing GlobalEditorUtilityBase.generated.h

I have tried various combinations of #if WITH_EDITOR #else #endif wrapped around the includes however that screws up the ExtendedClass.generated.h as the hierarchy no longer has the correct inheritance.

So my question is this;
Can I in anyway shape or form exclude the file from being added to the developement/shipping game?
Alternatively any work around is very welcome at this point as long as it is able to compile.

Worst case scenario means I have to rework the current version to something more… less pleasant.

Thank you for your time!
Best Regards V

Have you solve it?