Problems with ServerTravel etc in Blueprints

Hey there,

currently working on a Blueprint Lobby System for the community and i’m running into some problems with the ServerTravel.

Currently i have a MainMenu, a blenk TransitionMap and a GameLevel. MyGameMode is set to SeamlessTravel
and i host a game by creating a session with the “CreateSession” node and switching the Level with “Execute Console Command(ServerTravel GameLevel)”. This is working fine.

But now, when i want to let the ListenHost leave the Game and shutdown the session, my engine crashs.

I tried to delete the Session and to use “Open Level(MainMenu)” but that doesn’t work. Not deleting the session gives the same crash. Do i need to use a console command to get back to the MainMenu once using ServerTravel?

When i don’t use server travel but “Open Level(GameLevel)” it works with going back to the main menu.

How can i let the Server return to the main Menu? Call ServerTravel again and just close the Session so that everyone gets disconnected after shifting them to the main menu?

Seems like i missed the “seamless travel” bool on the second GameMode.

Bad that this little bool crashs the engine, but ok. Is their a “ClientTravel” Console command to let clients travel back to the menu?