Problems with rendering 360 video with Ansel Hack

I’ve just tried to render some 360° videos with the Ansel Hack Plugin (GitHub - rdeioris/AnselCapture: Hack of the official Unreal Engine Ansel plugin for allowing continuous capturing (360 videos)), but I have some issues:
When rendering in lowest quality, objects are jittering. Here is a short example of it: jittering.mp4 - Google Drive So every picture is looking a bit different. Is this an issue with Ansel or with the Hack Plugin? Or is it something about the lighting, the 3d models, …?
I’ve also tried to render in higher quality. When I do so, the images are blurry. When the 360 image is taken, you can see that the single images taken are blurry. Seems that the camera is taking the picture while still moving. How can I solve this?

This looks like some jittering artifact caused by Temporal Anti-Aliasing, try turning it off or changing to MSAA and see if it gets rid of it