Problems with pixel art sprites in Paper2D

Hello all,

first let me start by saying that I’m well aware of this Paper2D thread - Paper2D: Some problems with my Sprites - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums - and I do not believe that anything in there is what is causing my problem.

I noticed that the pixel art I’m trying to use is more crisp in the editor than it is in game. I dug deeper by taking screenshots of a character in both the editor and the game, and then used another program to zoom way in on an area where there is color transition

As you can see, the image on the left is perfectly crisp. There is complete contrast between colors. That is the editor. The image on the right (in-game), however, has a gradient effect anywhere where the color changes. It’s hardly noticeable when you’re not zoomed in, but it does make the sprites look less crisp.

Furthermore, the flesh color is different in-game than it is in the editor. All colors (besides black and white) have this issue.

My settings:

I have disabled all default post processing effects in the Render menu in the project settings, as I know that they caused some color issues from past experience. The texture that is used for the sprites has had the “Apply Paper2D Texture Settings” option applied to it.

Does anyone have any insight as to what could be my problem? Thanks very much!

There’s a number of things this could be in my eyes:

Are the textures set up as filtering: Nearest? LINK

Games usually have Gamma correction of 2.2 - I can’t remember when I first learnt about this but almost every game should have gamma correction - This is possibly why your colours are looking different in-game as opposed to in-engine. - LINK

Finally, the weird textures could possibly be a resolution problem. If you’re using sprites; Make sure you’re using the correct pixel size for the camera / sprite in question. - LINK

It’s also possible that it’s something else but that’s what I’d look at first

Hope this helps!

  • Ryan