Problems with fog and light shaft by using the transfluent water planes

I’m using the transfluent water plane from the example “Water planes” and have the problem that the fog or light shaft isn’t draw if the water plane is behind. I use ExponentialHeightFog.

If I put a AtmosphericFog, I have same problems (and additional a strange red color).
Before AtmosphericFog:

After AtmosphericFog:

Is there a way to fix it?

with to much bloom you can see the problem better

Unfortunatly this bug is 2 year old and has never been fixed so you have to chose between height fog and atmospheric fog but can’t use them both in the same scene.

Awesome another problem realted with transparency and fogs

You can change translucent sort priority on water plane to 1 or 2. This problem because we use sort priority 0.

i had a similar problem with a translucent glass material, you should try changing the “Render After DOF” option in the water material