Problems with dynamic lights, reflection stuck on meshes even if they are off.

Hi, I have a problem when turning the lights on and off in my game.

Description: So what I want to do is having the scene change from normal lights too emergancy lights that are red. (When turning a switch, the white lights go off, and the red lights on.)

Problem: I start the level with the red lights off, but when I start the level, the walls reflect the red lights even if the lights are off. When I turn the normal lights off and red lights on, the lights lid up a little bit ekstra. So the problem is not that lights are still on, the problem is that the walls render the lights even if they are off. (the lights are set too stationary. I have tryed with moveable too)

Here is an example:
The first image is when the white lights are on and red off, as you can see still reflects on the wall. The next image is when the white lights are off, and the red is on.

Thanks for any help


After trying for several days, suddently I found a solution when I post it on the forum, typical. But I am still not sure if it is the correct way of doing it.

So when I check off “affects world” under “Light” on the property, and then render/build the level, the color is suddently not there. So after I have build it with “affects world” off, I just turn it on again before playing.