Problems with custom grass on 4.7

Hi. I am using the grass pack from - while everything was working like a charm on 4.6.1, now when I restarted my project on 4.7.0, the assets cannot find links to their materials. I have tried to link them manually with no success.


Maybe someone uses the same grass assets on 4.7 and can give me a hint how to set them up? Thank you.

Have you just moved the folders into your project content folder? (with the same folder structure) -> because then it should normally work. :slight_smile:

  1. check the materials if all textures are still applied
  2. make sure to assign the materials to the right slots
  3. after I have downloaded 4.7 preview 5 I will check it

When you wait 1-2 weeks (till the 4.7 final is released) I will update the grass to 4.7 (the shader will look a little bit different) + I will upload a new grass pack (with advanced materials, many meshes,…) :wink:

Btw, keep an eye on the official thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?9928-Free-grass-meshes

Hi figter! Thanks it was it. ( ****… I am so stupid LOL ) :smiley: