Problems with Chaos Physics performance on 4.26

Today I updated my project the latest version of Unreal Engine (as of today, the 4.26.1), the main reason for that was because my project relies heavily on physics (for realistic buoyancy and other stuff) and I wanted to benefit from the physics optimizations of Chaos, the new physics engine that is better optimized than PhysX.
At first I didn’t know if Chaos is enabled by default on 4.26 or had to be enabled somewhere, but upon testing, and comparing the fps results with the older version I was using before, I discovered that it was performing very poorly

This stress test scene consist of 100 floating cubes (and the buoyancy code works by simply Applying force at location every tick depending on how much under the water the object is)

The 4.25 works at average 95fps

But the 4.25 works at average 22fps

Am I doing something wrong?
Do I have to enable Chaos Physics for single actors like this, or does chaos overwrite PhysX in every instances of simulation in the new 4.26? If so, why is it performing very poorly? Is chaos also enabled by default in character ragdolls? If not how do I enable it?

I would very much appreciate some help

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My game relies heavily on Physics, I am still on 4.27 because Chaos stills need a lot of work in the performance department.

I test Chaos about 8 months ago so not forsure if they have gotten any better.

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