Problems with BTTask_MoveDirectlyToward

So I have some irritating bugs with the BTTask_MoveDirectlyToward Task.

  1. The acceptable radius is ignored 90% of the time
  2. the MoveDirectlyToward task completely fails with a blackboard key of type vector

the second problem isn’t such a big deal but the failing of the acceptable radius is causing my pawn to spin in place a lot.

I’m running UE4.6

Could use more data. Like for example what’s the acceptable radius.

If you could record a vlog for this situation that would be ideal. Just run vislog command, start recording and make the bug happen.

I think I found my problem.
I was using a custom pawn which hadn’t overridden the method GetSimpleCollisionCylinder() for the PathFollowingComponent. So I never actually reached my waypoint perfectly hence the Blocking message from the VisLog.
If you come around to this Trello please make sure all pawns are capable of using the PathFollowComponent.

Thank you for your help the VisualLogger is awesome