Problems with applying material

I have created a simple model with blender and exported as FBX. In UE4 I created a material with my desired texture and applied it to my model, but all I see is color applied to the model. (not the actual texture). This happens when I apply any of the stock materials to my model as well. If I apply the material I made to one of the stock meshes, the material is applied just as I would expect. I know there is probably some import setting I must be overlooking. Anyone able to help me out?

I also noticed that my model only has one UV channel and all the stock meshes have 2. Is this a problem?

You have to uv map your mesh :slight_smile:

Here, you said you are using Blender? Good luck!

Thanks, you are correct. I never thought that could be the issue since I UV mapped the mesh and then copied it to create other meshes. I needed to UV map each mesh individually. Thanks for the help!