Problems with adding objects from the marketplace.

Hi everyone!
I am working in Ubuntu 20.04 and have installed Unreal Engine 5.0.3 from Epic Games site. Now I have installed Epic Games Launcher using Lutris to add packages from the Marketplace to my Project.
Unfortunately, it does not find my projects in the Epic Games Launcher. So I can’t add any packages to my project.

How can I manage to get the content from the marketplace into my project?

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usually is open with a compatible version on unreal engine for which the marketplace product was created to be able to download and install it you have to download it to a project with an unreal engine version need for a asset
you have to export it from a previous version of the engine to the new one since many high-level asset are from unreal engine 4 and no one has bothered to make it compatible so you have to do it yourself welcome to the party…I don’t understand why they don’t, you resell the same product under the same name for a higher version off a engine, increasing the range of potential buyers of the asset on the matkeplace

Thank you for your reply!
The asset I want to download is actually for the UE5 as well. It’s a small, free set. Can I somehow well him in the launcher in which directory my project is located?
Maybe that helps.

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strange usually the problem is with the version comapttibility or missing programs on a pc like the net frameworks and microsoft visual C++ not instaled wen you start the project occasionally it gives problems
however the download should work without problems whit standard go to the marketplace page and click add to a project o create project

what free thing are you looking to download from the marketplace?

I’ve try to download “temperate Vegetation: Spruce Forest”
When I try to add this to my project I get this Screen:

Could it be that lutris is the problem?

in that white space it should show you a project created by you whit version of unreal requre by asset to download if i install various versions of unreal engine and create a white project on each off it i think it is linux asking for something

Spruce Forest version 4.19 - 4.27, 5.0 is not baad asset they only need a cut out of the leaves transparecy and smal smoot

i google for you som stuff but for what I understand linux has too many problems they are all unexplored waters
Off Line windows PC is the only wey

if you download everything from google that locks work and try normaly you can solve 95% off problems

because if you have a problem you can bet a ship full of grain that you are not the first to have this problem bread crumbs on the right path

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use 2 windows pcs 1 offline 1 online and move things to offline copying by hand make the textures and mesh by yourself if you work connected to the internet you find yourself copyrighted

you have a much free hand if you use a machine with all fake emails and data to go on web you exist without worrying about hackers and scammers (load a disc image are 10m max) try all things stress-free speed up your shearce work drasticly I call it Rambo PC

Thank you for the links, I will look at them directly!
Thank you for taking the trouble to find the links especially for me! I had also then googlet after, but with much less success.
With a windows PC I can’t work at all, because I currently only own a Ubuntu 20.04

@Data_D_Soong Thank you very, very, very much for your help and your efforts! The second link has helped me! Very, Very Thanks! I’m incredibly happy that it has now worked out!

Thank you!

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