Problems when recording Particle systems in Sequencer

I’ve used Sequencer to set up a short cinematic. My scene consists of a camera and two particle systems that I’ve set up to activate at certain points.

The first one activates at the beginning of the sequence, and the other one is set to activate at around frame 480, with the camera set to look at each of these systems at their designated activation times. This works fine when I preview the sequence in Engine - My camera first shows the first system, then pans over to the second one - but whenever I render the sequence to video, my second particle system (The one set to activate at frame 480) has seemingly already played - As my camera looks over to it (Around frame 300) I can notice lingering dissolving particles in the image. When I hit frame 480 it plays as it should, but these lingering particles are really messing up my cinematic.

Bear in mind that this only occurs whenever I render out the sequence to video; Playing the sequence inside of the engine seems to work fine. Does anyone know what I need to do in order to fix this?

Not sure, but can you check what happens in Simulate mode? For example, turn off autoplay of the sequence if you have it on, disable the camera lock on the shot/camera cut track so that you’re looking at the entire scene as much as possible, then enable Simulate and hit play. Are the particles firing at the frames you’re expecting?

Also, it shouldn’t matter, but are you rendering as a separate process?

I tried simulating the scene and noticed that the second effect went off as soon as I began simulating. After poking around I realized the effect had “Auto Activate” toggled (Details–>Activation–>Auto Activate). After turning this off I could render my sequence as planned. Thank you!