Problems using 1 landscape to cast shadow onto another

My setup:

3 landscapes layered over eachother. The top most one faces up (the outside ground) while 2 landscapes are under it. The bottom most one is the floor of an underground cavern, while the middle landscape faces down and acts as the ceiling to the cavern.

My problem:

my bottom most landscape is still receiving light from my sun/directional light, despite being under 2 landscapes that cast shadow. This happens whether the sun is set to moveable or stationary. And it seems like I just keep increasing the Static Lighting Resolution which seems to exponentially increase the lighting build time, but I still don’t have shadow on my landscape properly. Some of the landscape tiles get shadow but some do not. The whole thing is shadowed during preview, but when built this is the result.

Based on the problem in this thread (Shadows not baking on landscape - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums), I thought mine was a similar problem so I increased my static lighting resolution. But as you can see I’ve already had to increase my static lighting resolution all the way to 20 just to get these patches to appear, am I suppose to just keep going higher or is this problem caused by something else. The Static lighting resolution of the middle and top landscape are both set to 1.

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-14654 to be assessed by the development staff.

We made several fixes to static lighting for Landscapes in 4.8, particularly shadows. Would you be able to try again with the new 4.8 Preview 3?

I actually don’t have the extra bandwidth (after downloading witcher 3) to make that download this month just for the testing. If someone else could I’d appreciate it, otherwise my testing will wait until next month.

Gareth or , could I please get one of you to respond to this other bug report? This stems from a problem that is over a year old, which has been reported to be corrected but absolutely has not been. I believe created a bug report here but I’m unsure if the translation issue and the collision issue are one in the same.

That looks like the same bug. I can confirm that bug report UE-13673 is still pending. It’s high priority, but it is not fixed in 4.8 (sorry).

EDIT: I’ve been told UE-13673 has a fix pending and it should be fixed in 4.9.

Thanks a lot Gareth I really appreciate the info. Because when you guys make posts like these that list all the known bugs but then leave out these bug reports that have been confirmed, it leads a reader to believing A. that it was fixed or B. that it was ignored. So thank you very much for following up for me. #faithrestored