Problems, things i want to accomplish but I need your help.

So the problems are the following ones :eek:

  1. Kismet messages are annoying help me disable them…
  2. I want the camera on kismet matinee to focus another character and play slow mo, I have a workaround though. SetTarget() for the big boss.
  3. How to limit with a cylinder or whatever the battlefield……

thanks… You won’t understand me so much in video, but you can see the problems.

Opinions critics ideas welcome. Let’s make it together : D

I don;t want to make fans see something unfinished that’s why it’s unlisted lol probably i will regret but wtvr… heheheh

For the kismet warnings go to UDKEngine.ini and find bOnScreenKismetWarnings=True and change it to False.I highly recommend , to change this only when the game is finished or video recording, as one(in this case me) can have something like a unintentional infinite loop of something without a delay, and without a kismet warning to point me out that I did something bad, the load can become really heavy on the pc.

Apologies, but i had extremely hard time to understand anything from the video as the music was too overpowering.
One thing that I noticed(apologies if I interpreted it wrongly) was towards the end of the video when you spoke about Ghosts of Tsushima. You kind of sounded little discouraged that you are behind the quality of recent games.I repeat, I probably misinterpreted that.Know your game is different mate, and is done by ONE person, and in my opinion, you are doing fine for now.Just continue to add to it, and maybe make it smaller, so that you can focus that way more on missions, quality and even story if needed.
Looks for example the movie Centurion from 2010.The idea and main ingredients are simple and effective:

-roman legion that put up a good fight but sadly gets decimated
-barbarians that live in thy misty forest
-snow and harsh environment

Awesome, now I know how to remove those annoying kissmessages, thanks!

Centurion from 2010 wow I watched that but i barely remember…

My plan it’s the following one, 1 fight and 4 arenas,

1 Geta( emperor ) checks from field how the legion gets killed by barbs and he think romilius(centurion) is dead…
2 Romilius survives and gets sold as slave
3 First arena I have no idea how will I add that…
4 … moar arenas…

I love stories of gladiators such as spartacus and Gladiator but yeah… i better make something pretty simple… you are right i one man, and barely i could say some helpers but mainly it’s me…

I will watch centurion and see what…

I Have a ( modular ) idea in which i took from star wars battlefront 2 Before every level a cutscene of the backround and the situation you are going to face, Like my name is romilius today legate told us to go to beitania… ( makes no sense i know ) lol but can be awesome…:rolleyes:

for number 3 extend the file TriggerVolume and make a new class like OutOfBoundsvolume <(EXAMPLE) you can name it whatever you want it to be.

then you can place it in the area of your map you want it at and the extrude one side and drag it out and keep doing that and go around your map with it until you come back to the place you started. So it completely goes around you playing area. Then you can add in code to that class to timer it. So if a player steps out of bounds it starts a count down to kill them, but if they go back into playing area kill the timer thats counting down to kill them is cancelled.

hope this helps

Will try soon, for the Come back to the battle soldier…

Neongho Did you get your out of bounds volume working?

Oh yes, A cylinder and kismet events, why?

just curious