Problems shadows on meshes after build the lights


I have done several meshes in blender, (low polly and very simple), and import them from UDK 4.
I put all of them in the world and, after build the lights, the meshes became black and i had to create a second uv channel for get see them.

All my meshes have not a texture, only a simple material and i can see the colours now but the result, after build the lights, doesn’t like me because the shapes present too many triangle shadows and i would like to get a better smooth result.

The first image shows a stairs with too many triangles of shadows… i don’t like this result.

i would like to get something like that… but this image is without no build the lights in UDK4

i would like to know is there is a way to build the lights and get a smooth result between shadows on my meshes.

I will close this thread, because you already have one with the same problem: Lights doesn't make a nice result on my meshes - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums Just update/bump this one :slight_smile: