Problems on textures imported from blender

Hi everyone, I’ve made a sword in blender and tried to import it in UE4.
This is how it should look:

I’ve used the Smart UV project function to unwrap the parts of the sword, and import them in UE to compose the materials.
But this is how it looks in UE4 (showing just the blade):

Why the texture seems so stretched? And Why is turned by 90 degrees? Which should be the problem? (in some cases the texture doesn’t even match to the model)

The only reason why it could be that stretched is because of wrong uv’s -> double check your uv’s and that you have assigned them to a right material slot (also make sure to not use the 2nd uv channel for a texture -> there the lightmap should be) :slight_smile:

Is that something i have to solve on the unreal or in blender? I’m sorry but i’m quite a newbie, it’s my very first work

You have to correctly uv map your mesh in your 3d program (blender) -> e.g

I’ve done the Smart Uv project and it seems right because it a simple swords… Any Ideas? Sorry but in Blender with this uv map it work but not in unreal
Please help

Post a picture of your uv’s + when you like the mesh so that we can take a look at it (just the part that causes the problem) :slight_smile: