Problems on identifing NetAuthority


I started I new clean project on ue4, with c++ support. Them I add a cube, and transformed it to blueprint. Then I added a text component to it.

After that, on the construction script I used the “Switch Has Authority” node and if it’s Authority I change the Text Render to “Server”, otherwise (Remote) change it to “Client”.

When I hit play, with two players, both screen show my pink cube and their text written “Server”. I guess this was the same situation as

Ok, this makes me think that any object place in the editor, after the hit play button, they are spawned on both server and clients, that is why both have the authority over it.

After spending something around 2 hours searching and seeking for an explanation, my question is : How on earth the content example scene “Network_Features” on it’s 1.2 example made the same situation actually works, as opposed to my test and probably what happened in the question I referenced ? Is there any special configuration on the actor rather than set the “Net Load on Client” and “Replicates” to true ?

Any help will be very much appreciated.