Problems building windows project on OSX

Hi all,

I’ve a project which compiles fine on Windows, but when I try to open the .uproject file on my mac I initially get a popup with the following:

Missing XXXX Modules

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:


Would you like to rebuild them now?

If I chose No, the UE4Editor just closes.

If I chose ‘yes’, then the build window appears. If I chose ‘show log’ I see some warning about precompiled headers, but the window vanishes too quickly to see details.

I then get another pop up:


XXXX could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

Help? I can imagine that I should delete some files… but I’m not sure what. I can’t seem to find the logfile, unfortunately.

I’m a bit lost.



I have the same problem. Did you solve this somehow?


Please recompile your project from source in XCode.

Hope this helped!


What about if you only include the uproject and you are from example migrating from Windows?

I’m having a similar issue - just loaded a project through Perforce and am getting the same message. I have the most recent XCode too, but I’m quite new to this and don’t actually understand what you mean by “Recompile your project from source in XCode”. Could you explain this with a step-by-step? Assume I know nothing please (because I really don’t)

I had to take a screenshot of the error as it flew by, and resolve the error by reading the screenshot. The log needs to stay visible in the “XXXX could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.” window.
(Command+Shift+3 to take a screenshot)

Andrii, how do you do that?

I found the answer to my comment-question: If everything is installed properly, you can right click the .uproject and generate xcode project. You may have to close and reopen the Epic Games Launcher for it to discover that .uproject files aren’t set up properly, but then it works.