Problem with Widgets of Host

Hi All,

I am well aware that UMG widgets only exist on clients and all is working well in the viewport simulation. But once I launch the actual game, the log states that the host cannot retrieve the stored Widget Ref variable properly even though the widget is created on the host’s viewport.

Setting the widget ref variable to replicated doesn’t change anything (why would it? it is created on the “Owning Client”).
The same functionality is called by all players in the level and it is working for everyone except the host. In fact, the entire widget functionality (replicated variables into the widget and variables out of the widget to be replicated in the PC) works fine for everyone except the host.

So what am I missing here?

It was a timing issue. As the server is loading the level way faster than the clients, the script hasn’t actually created the widget when I call the functionality. I added a delay in the GM event that triggers certain widget functionality and now it works properly.